10 Custom Home Ideas You Haven’t Considered

10 custom home ideas you haven't considered

How many colors are in the rainbow? Seven? Contrary to the ROYGBIV acronym our teachers would try to burn in our brains, there are actually countless colors. Some colors blend, other colors aren’t on the visible spectrum. But they’re there and there are more than you might think.

Custom homes are the same way. While you may think customization options are limited to things like a custom kitchen or unique bathroom, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination (and a custom home builder’s ability to make them a reality).

Here are a few custom home ideas you may not have thought of yet, such as an extendable, built-in spice rack in the kitchen or built-in speakers in the bathroom.

  1. At-home cinema: Want a movie theater in your home? What about the backyard? With a custom home, you can have an at-home cinema in the configuration and area of your choosing. Be sure to pick some comfy seats that recline, a big screen and quality sound.
  2. Chef’s pantry: Don’t settle for a traditional pantry with a custom home. If you or someone in your family is a chef at heart, you’ll love a customized chef’s pantry with plenty of room for spices and prized ingredients.
  3. High ceilings: Low ceilings haven’t been in fashion for a while now, so high ceilings are a must when it comes to custom homes. Plus, they make an impressive statement, especially in rooms like the entryway.
  4. Hidden rooms: Everyone loves a good surprise. Impress your friends with hidden rooms via bookshelves, hidden doors and more. It’s all possible with a custom home.
  5. Kitchen-specific storage: If you love to cook, you might appreciate a built-in spice rack that extends from a drawer or under a cabinet. Or, a custom knife rack might come in handy. The kitchen-specific storage options are many.
  6. Herb garden: Whether you prefer one indoors or out, you can have your own herb garden and start growing them instead of buying them at the grocery store.
  7. Bayou bar: Perhaps you have an affinity for New Orleans culture? You can style your whole home after The Big Easy, or dedicate one section to it (like the bar).
  8. Bathroom speakers: If you like to belt out your favorite songs in the shower, music can enhance the experience. Why not go for some built-in speakers? They can be discreet, yet powerful.
  9. Wine cellar: If you appreciate the finer things in life, a custom wine cellar might be ideal. Whether you want an underground cellar off the kitchen or a simple additional room behind French doors, there are lots of options.
  10. Oversized patio: Whether it’s just your family or you have guests over, people love hanging outdoors. Having multiple seating areas outside is definitely a plus.

When it comes to custom home ideas, the possibilities are endless. To get some feedback on your ideas and to see how a custom home builder can make them a reality, contact us today.