5 Crucial Interior Design Elements in a Custom Home

5 crucial interior design elements in a custom home

Everyone has that cousin, co-worker or acquaintance who claims they have a “custom home.” We hate to break it to them, but just because someone paints a front door a different color or adds different pulls to the cabinetry doesn’t mean their home is really custom.

For a home to truly qualify as a custom home, it needs to have certain interior design elements. Today, we’ll take a look at five of the most important ones.

1. An Open, Flowing Floor Plan

The modern trend in custom homes is to blur the lines between different rooms. By having your kitchen flow into your living room or dining room, you create a more relaxed, personalized space where everyone enjoys the same experience. Say goodbye to closed off spaces and lack of interaction while preparing meals.

2. A Stylish, Cohesive Design

Have you ever looked at a home and wondered if two different people designed it? With a custom home, you shouldn’t have that problem. Everything should look stylish, streamlined and showcase the high-quality materials used to build the home (as well as your individualized contributions to the design). Different design elements should make sense together.

3. Thoughtful Lighting and Windows

Lighting is more important than you might think. The same light can look different in the living room than it does in the kitchen. Placement matters. Size matters. Type matters. A custom home will have well thought-out lighting, which includes the natural light that results from (preferably large) windows.

4. Convenient Storage Options

You might want a custom home because it’s beautiful, sure, but you also want something that makes your life a little easier. That’s why custom homes usually have lots of convenient storage options that regular homes don’t. Think shoe organizers in the master closet or knife and spice racks in the kitchen or hidden towel storage in the bathroom.

5. Energy Efficiency

Finally, a custom home will be energy efficient. For one, it will follow the latest state energy code requirements, but it will also have other efficiency-improving design elements, such as insulation or solar paneling. Home designs have become more efficient over time and an experienced home builder will show you how to save on electricity costs, water costs and more.
Have questions about interior design elements for custom homes? Contact us today and we’ll go over them with you.