6 Custom Home Features That Add Resale Value

6 custom home features that add resale value

Custom home builders in Houston specialize in building homes that are designed to delight for a lifetime. That’s why you’ll often encounter phrases like “dream home” or “forever home” when talking to a custom home owner. Does that mean you should ignore resale value when it comes to designing a custom home? Short answer: no!

What unique features in custom homes add the most resale value, though? That is the question. Let’s take a look at a few that will make the future buyer of your home want to pay a premium.

1. Energy-Efficient Windows

Anything energy efficient will boost the value of our home. But your windows might be a good place to start since they can have a big impact on reducing utility costs. They’re also a potential tax deduction, making them a feature that is highly appealing to home buyers.

2. Walk-In Pantry

Buyers want more and more space these days, even in the kitchen. With a walk-in pantry, home chefs are able to store more ingredients and customize the space to meet their needs and habits. The more function you can add in your kitchen, the more enticing it is.

3. Entryway Stairs

Aside from curb appeal, nothing makes a first impression like entering a home for the first time. A sprawling staircase is a great way to add the “wow factor” to your entrance, which is escalated even further with staircases that provide two paths or a curved design.

4. Spa-Inspired Master Bedroom

Little features and perks you add to the master bedroom can make a big impact on the home’s sale price. The master bedroom is one of the spaces buyers these days are most interested in, so you can create a cozy environment there by adding spa-inspired conveniences like a drink fridge, hidden storage under the bed and a makeup vanity. 

5. Standalone Tub

The focal point of the bathroom, the tub can make a big impact on a home’s sale price. Standalone tubs are a popular feature for custom homes these days for several reasons: they look good, they make a statement and they are synonymous with luxury.

6. Hardwood Floors

The living room and dining room are spaces that can especially benefit from hardwood flooring and it can dramatically increase the resale value of your home. If you can get durable hardwood floors with a transferable warranty, that will be especially appealing to buyers.

Contact Aspire Fine Homes and we’ll be happy to consult on these custom home features and more to help educate you on what choices you can make during your custom home build to ensure you retain optimal resale value.