6 Floor Types for You to Consider for Your Next Houston Custom Home

6 floor type for you to consider

If you’ve thought about building a dream home, you’ve likely decided on the general style you want, how many bathrooms the house will have and what convenient features will be in rooms like the kitchen. While those elements are great (and exciting to think about), the flooring in your new home is just as important.

From laminate and tile to wood and stone, there are a variety of flooring options to consider—and they might change from room to room. So which floor type is right for you? Let’s take a look at the advantages that six of the most popular floor types provide.

1. Wood

Wood floors are one of the most popular floor types for a reason. They provide a classic look that never goes out of style. But even wood floors can have several categories, such as hardwood, composite wood and more. The type of wood you choose will depend on your budget and preference, but you can’t go wrong with dark hardwood. Wood floors are great in pretty much every room, though if you have pets or children, you might want to be smart about which ones feature them.

2. Carpet

When it comes to comfort and muffling sound, carpet is among the best floor types. It’s advised to go for neutral tones or styles that stand the test of time, and you also have to clean them regularly to keep them in good shape. But carpeting is a preferred choice for many homeowners and is worthy of consideration in your next Houston custom home.

3. Tile

Just as there are multiple categories of carpet and wood flooring, there are several kinds of tile available as well. Most people think of tile in the kitchen or bathroom, and that’s because it handles moisture well (and is easy to maintain). But it’s also a great addition to the laundry room or dining room. The type of tile you choose depends on your budget and preference as well.

4. Laminate

If you’d like the look of a high-end floor like hardwood, but without the price, laminate might be an option for you. This floor type is affordable and can be customized to look like wood, stone, tile or another option. Laminate doesn’t feel as good or last as long as other options on this list, but it’s definitely a cost-effective choice.

5. Vinyl

Another affordable option is vinyl. This might be a cost-effective floor type in a room that you don’t use very often (or one that isn’t seen by guests). It’s difficult to repair, but it’s among the most affordable floor types out there.

6. Stone

You also have to think about floor types for the exterior of your home. That’s where stone may come into play. You can’t beat the luxurious look of natural stone and the best custom home builders can turn stone flooring into an attention-grabbing foundation for any outdoor space. 
If you’d like to learn more about the best floor types to consider for your next Houston custom home, contact the team at Aspire Fine Homes today.