7 Custom Home Features You Can’t Live Without

7 custom home features you can't live without

Is there anything you can’t live without? Maybe your phone? Or the cup of coffee you have every morning? While these seem essential and may even give us peace of mind as we navigate everyday life, we could technically live without them. But we have our priorities and things that are important to us.

Similarly, there are certain must-have features for people when it comes to custom homes. From an outdoor kitchen to wood flooring, here are seven you shouldn’t be without:

1. Chef’s Pantry

Any respectable home chef doesn’t use standard cookware or ingredients, so why should they settle for a traditional pantry area? Store your upscale kitchen items in an oversized pantry designed specifically to house things like chef’s knives, ingredients, spices, dutch ovens, cast-iron skillets and more. It’s a cool design feature you’ll appreciate every day.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

While you’re enjoying your extended patio, make sure you have an outdoor kitchen or grilling area to enjoy as well. Who wants to keep opening and closing doors and making trips to the kitchen during get-togethers? With an outdoor kitchen, everything you need will be within hand’s reach at all times.

3. Bar

Great for entertaining, bars have made a big comeback in custom houses over the past few years. They allow you to store a variety of beverage options for guests, practice your bartending skills and make for a stunning statement piece in whichever room you place them in.

4. Wood Flooring

The days of dealing with carpeting in your bathroom are over. Get stylish wood flooring in any room of your home when you custom-build one yourself. This is a common custom home feature, but it definitely deserves a mention.

5. Stunning Entry

There’s no better way to impress visitors to your custom home than to make a great first impression. Blow them away at the entryway or foyer of your home with a stunning entry that features high ceilings, an open floor plan and customized design features.

6. Hidden Room

Hidden rooms aren’t just for the movies or magic castles. You can have a hidden room in your custom home! In fact, it’s a must. There’s nothing better than surprising your friends and family with a hidden room accessible through a bookshelf or secret door.

7. Accent Lighting

There are different kinds of accent lighting and each helps an area of your custom home make a statement. Have a prized piece of artwork or family photo? Use accent lighting to showcase it properly on your wall. Want to see the contents of your kitchen cabinets? Use tape lighting under or inside them. Accent lighting is a small choice that makes a big difference.
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