7 of the Most Popular Features in Custom Homes

7 of the most popular features in custom homes

One of the most intimidating parts about building a custom home is that it’s difficult to know where to start. As with most creative endeavors, it’s helpful to have a bit of inspiration. Thankfully, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) releases an annual survey that identifies “what home buyers really want” in their custom homes. 

In honor of this, let’s take a look at the most popular features people are electing to add to custom homes these days.

1. Walk-In Pantry

Who says closets are the only side spaces you should be able to walk through? According to the NAHB, “the most wanted feature in the kitchen is a walk-in pantry, which 83% said is essential or desirable.” The extra space in the pantry is ideal for home chefs and is perfect for keeping kitchen items (which are easy to accumulate) out of the way.

2. Kitchen Island

Another kitchen feature that is right behind walk-in pantries on the survey results is a central kitchen island. More than three in every four respondents in the survey indicated that a kitchen island is a must-have feature in a custom home. Islands these days can vary wildly in look, function, size and layout, so you can customize yours to fit your kitchen habits.

3. Laundry Room

Almost all prospective home buyers in the survey indicated that a laundry room was one of the most desirable features of a custom home. It’s definitely an essential part of every day and customizing it to increase efficiency and convenience is extremely popular. Plus, a dedicated laundry room allows you the simple option of closing a door to dampen the noise from your washer and dryer. 

4. Double-Sink

Another appealing feature in the kitchen is a double-sink with a side-by-side design. Whether you choose an undermount, drop-in, farmhouse/apron or another type of kitchen sink, the two-compartment design will both look good and make dishwashing easier.

5. Wine Storage/Display

A wine storage or display solution is another common feature of high-end luxury custom homes. If you like to imbibe or entertain, a wine cellar or wine room can be a point of interest you show off during tours. Even a small storage solution in the kitchen can be a wise decision.

6. Stone Countertops

Stone countertops have the benefit of being trendy and timeless. In fact, the majority of custom home buyers want some sort of stone countertop (granite or natural stone) in the kitchen. This is one of those features that is synonymous with custom homes.

7. Energy Efficiency

Finally, a big reason why many people choose a custom home is to increase energy efficiency. According to the NAHB survey, respondents want a programmable thermostat (44%), multi-zone HVAC system (39%) and more. Energy-efficient homes are more comfortable, convenient and can save you money over time.

If you’re thinking about custom homes and whether they’re right for you, contact us today to schedule a consultation or view our portfolio. The above features and more will be available to you if you build with Aspire Fine Homes.