Adding Value to Your Home with a Custom Builder

Adding value to your home with a custom home builder

As you probably know, owning a home is a good investment. Why? Among several reasons, homes tend to appreciate in value. In fact, there are whole industries and jobs built around buying a home, adding value to it and then reselling it. One of the best ways to add value to your home and get the most out of it is with a custom builder.

Even if you’re not looking for a new home, a custom home builder can help you add value to your existing home. 

Reasons to Go Big with Home Improvements

Small improvements here and there can add a bit of value to your home and they let you customize it to match your personality. But if you want to really make a difference with your quality of life and/or the value of your home, you’ll think bigger. We’re talking things like new garage doors, entirely remodeled kitchens and New Orleans-style bar areas. You can enjoy these big upgrades for as long as you live in your home, then recoup much of the renovation cost at resale. The average cost-to-value ratio for home renovations in the United States was more than 55 percent in 2018 and it can be even higher if you do it right.

Custom Home Update Ideas

To do it right, you have to be aware that certain projects pay off more than others. If you’re thinking about customizing your home to add value, make sure you choose the ones with the best ROI. According to HGTV, here are the top 15 home updates that pay off:

  1. Minor bathroom remodels
  2. Landscaping
  3. Minor kitchen remodels
  4. Exterior improvements
  5. Attic conversions
  6. Major bathroom remodels
  7. Major kitchen remodels
  8. Deck, patio or porch additions
  9. Basement remodels
  10. Window replacements
  11. Family room additions
  12. Bonus room updates
  13. Living room updates
  14. Bedroom updates
  15. Walls and floors updates

How a Custom Home Builder Can Add Value

A custom home builder can help with any of the above update ideas and more. Whether you’re looking to do something small like remodel your deck or bathroom, or you’re interested in a complete home overhaul or new custom home build, a custom builder can help. At Aspire Fine Homes, we have experience in a variety of styles (Acadian-Southern, Farmhouse, Charleston, Contemporary, New Orleans, etc.) and upgrade types (lighting, bathrooms, bedrooms, patios, decks, kitchens etc.). Or, why not think even bigger and go for a complete custom new build?
If you’re interested in adding value to your home with a custom builder, contact us today.