Ceiling Design Trends for Luxury Homes

Ceiling design trends

In luxury home building, there’s a growing number of trends that people are wanting to be incorporated into their homes.

At Aspire Fine Homes, we want to ensure that we stay ahead of the latest trends while integrating them into the homes we build. One trend, in particular, that’s exciting us is custom ceiling designs, which we get questions on often. We thought it’d be helpful to go over different custom ceiling designs in this blog to give you a better understanding!

People want to add interest to their ceilings and are looking for ways to incorporate more unique elements than just a boring white ceiling. Some popular ceiling designs are suspended ceilings, clad in either wood or sheetrock, and coffers or moulded ceilings.

We also include our own touch by adding unique patterns and designs to your custom ceiling if you choose so.

LED Lighting & Wood Beams

Lighting is an important way to showcase a ceiling, especially with the growing popularity of wood beams, either painted or antique wood. You can choose between LED strip lighting, or backlit lighting as well. All are great ways to add interest and style to any ceiling.

Creative Materials

Using materials like wood, antique mirrors inside coffers, trays, or even elaborate tile can add so much character to your custom home with relatively minimal effort.

Groin Ceiling

Our groin vaults are a great way to update a more traditional style. More great options are simpler sheetrock groins.

People want something that is unique and interesting in their home that no one else has, and attention to detail with ceilings will add value and give a more customized look to your home.

If you’re a fan of luxury homes you’re going to love our videos showcasing design trends and techniques from experts in the building industry.