Custom Home DIY Fails

Custom home DIY fails

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) three little words that can turn your average homeowner into a home-improvement expert with aspirations for a television show hosting gig. While there’s no doubt that doing things yourself has the potential to increase your sense of pride once the project is complete, it can also turn into a giant mess and cost you time, money and unnecessary stress. 

Ideally, you should trust a professional, but if you do want (or need) to do it yourself, make sure you don’t end up on a list of DIY fails. (Pinterest is a particularly good treasure trove for these.) Here are some custom home DIY fails to avoid:

Fail #1: Not Accounting for Backswing

For all types of doors, make sure you measure the area of where it will open. Take a refrigerator, for example. You don’t just need the space for the fridge itself; you also need to account for the wide-swinging doors. (Modern fridges are especially known for opening wide.)

Fail #2: Doing Anything HVAC- or Plumbing-Related

Certain home improvements or repairs are just beyond your skill level. HVAC, plumbing and other service technicians undergo years of training to do what they do. So you might want to think twice before installing those high-end sinks or bathtubs.

Fail #3: Using Cheap Materials

You get what you pay for, as they say. When improving any area of your home—whether as part of a DIY project or using a professional—use high-quality materials that will list. This applies to everything from your kitchen countertops to whatever material you use for flooring.

Fail #4: Not Measuring Accurately

Check your measurements and check them again. A new deck might sound like a great addition to your backyard, but if you don’t align the doors correctly and record accurate measurements throughout the process, it’s going to end up unusable or look unprofessional. 

Fail #5: Downplaying Issues

Found mold in the drywall? Pretending a DIY project is going more smoothly than it is? Worried about your budget? It’s time to swallow the pride and call in a professional if you identify anything problematic. It’s going to cost you in the long run if you downplay or ignore issues.

Fail #6: Not Following Best Practices

If you must do a custom home DIY project yourself, make sure you’re at least following best practices. There are certain industry standards out there and a custom home builder will always give you advice. Don’t just “MacGyver it” and come up with whatever solution you think is best.
When it comes to a custom home, it’s always a good idea to trust the experts at Aspire Fine Homes instead of attempting to do it yourself. Contact us today for a consultation.