Elements of Design: Floors

Elements of Design: Floors

As we’ve discussed on our blog before, each element of your custom home’s design is important. Today’s element is no different. Your floors act as the canvas for the rest of a room’s design and several factors are involved in deciding which material is best for you.

While the foundation of your home is critical to structural integrity, the floors that sit atop the foundation are critical to the overall look and feel of your home. There are a variety of floor types to consider. Let’s cover floors and how they play a role in the overall aesthetics of the home.

Why Are Floors Important?

There are two reasons why floors are an important element of custom home design: look and function. For the former, you want your floor to be beautiful, to complement the look of other design elements in your home while maintaining a necessary level of durability. But it also needs to be functional. You want to appreciate how the floors feel and need to know if they will withstand the traffic on them each day and won’t be prohibitive to routine maintenance and cleaning. Finally, floors play a significant part in the overall budget of the custom home.

How Floors Impact Home Design

Floors don’t just serve as an uninspiring backdrop. They have a huge impact on the look and function of custom home design. The color of the floor can directly complement or contrast other colors in a room and the type of materials can impact how a room feels. For example, a pattern on the floor can enhance the character of a space and add attention, while a more neutral floor can keep the attention on other elements. As with each element of design, floors can be as much of a focal point as you want.

Custom Home Floor Ideas

What are some examples of custom home floors? Here are a few conclusions we’ve arrived at over the years when it comes to floors for custom homes:

  • Tile or marble in the bathroom can enhance the luxurious feel of the space
  • Brick or stone on the patio gives your outdoor area a natural, relaxing look
  • Hardwood floors come in a variety of types and colors and are a solid choice, though you have to be careful about the specific type if you have pets
  • A floor with a fleur-de-lis pattern is perfect for Acadian-Southern homes
  • Carpet is more comfortable and is ideal for homes with small children

If you’re interested in building the home of your dreams and would like to talk about the floor element of its design, contact us today for a consultation.