Elements of Design: Light

Elements of design-Light

A custom home isn’t just one design. It’s a combination of different elements that come together to create one cohesive design that is a reflection of the owner’s personality. Each element plays a role in the overall design of the home and is important on its own.

In honor of this, we’re going to be taking a look at different elements of custom home design in an ongoing series of blog posts. First up? Light. Let’s take a look at light and how crucial a role it plays in your custom home.

Why is Light Important?

Lighting does more than just illuminate a room. Overlooking or minimizing the importance of light in a room can result in harsh tones, clashing intensities and unwanted shadows. Just because you might like a certain lighting option doesn’t mean it will work in the space where you want it. Lighting is more complex than you might think, so there needs to be a proper amount of time invested in testing different options and preparing for how it will affect a space.

What Impacts Lighting

Several different factors have an impact on lighting. The same light source can look drastically different from room to room, depending on the way each room is set up. Here are a few different elements that impact lighting in custom homes:

  • Light location
  • Type of bulb
  • Room size
  • Room shape
  • Colors in the room
  • Furniture
  • Additional lights
  • Ceiling height

The best custom home builders take all of these factors (and others) into consideration when collaborating with customers on the best lighting choices for them and their home.

Custom Home Lighting Options

Now that you have an idea for why light is important and what impacts light, let’s go over a few lighting options you have with custom homes. Many people aren’t even aware of some of these options. Here are some choices you have when it comes to light in your custom home:

  • Under-the-cabinet/under-the-counter lighting: great for seeing things in the kitchen.
  • Recessed/flush lighting: a modern, popular option where you don’t see the bulb.
  • Outdoor mounted lighting: great for custom outdoor spaces.
  • String or tape lighting: unobtrusive way to add light to tight indoor or outdoor areas.
  • Chandeliers: a statement-maker for the entryway or foyer.
  • Lamps, lanterns and sconces: just a few examples of specialty/unique lighting.
  • …and more!

If you have questions about custom home lighting or are interested in a consultation about the best choices for your dream home, contact the team at Aspire Fine Homes today.