Elements of Design: Shapes

Elements of Design: Shapes

Shapes. They’re more than something you learn as a preschooler—they’re prevalent in every area of our lives, from stop signs to luxury handbags. They’re also a crucial element in the design of a custom home. 

Today, we’ll be continuing our series on different elements of home design by taking a look at shapes and how they impact the overall look of a custom home. Why are they important? What are some examples of shape use in custom homes? Let’s discuss.

Why Are Shapes Important?

Just as light plays an important role in a home’s design, shapes can be just as distinctive. Squares, for example, can be a sign of strength and add geometric depth to a space when they’re repeated the right way. Triangles can create energy. Circles can be both beautiful modern accents and give a room a retro feel if used in a pattern. At the end of the day, everything in a room has a shape and it has a big impact on how the design feels.

How Shapes Impact Home Design

There are two main ways that shapes impact a home’s design: shapes of elements within the home and the shape of the rooms themselves. The style of the home will often dictate both of these. Take a farmhouse-style home, for example. Farmhouse homes tend to be U-shaped or L-shaped, which gives them a casual, laid-back feel with plenty of access to (and views of) the outdoors. They also feature simple shapes that make a big statement, such as the rectangles in exposed ceiling beams or large oval bathtubs.

Shapes also play a role in the overall shape of the home. With transitional homes, for instance, it’s not uncommon for them to have modern, rectangular silhouettes. You’ll also see a mix of different shapes and shape sizes, giving these homes a decidedly contemporary look. 

Custom Home Shape Ideas

Whether it’s a curvaceous staircase that leads from the lower level to the upper or a mix of different rectangular or square windows, shapes can take your home from cookie cutter to creative. Here are just a few examples of interesting shapes you’ll find in custom homes:

  • Wood flooring that features a herringbone pattern
  • Head-to-toe square tiling in the bathroom
  • A mix of square, circular and rectangular throw pillows
  • Uniquely shaped geometric chandeliers
  • A chevron-patterned accent wall in the kitchen

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