Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Farmhouse kitchen design

Texas is known for many things, but one of the greatest traits of Texans is their hospitality. Arguably the most hospitable gesture one can do is cook for others, but you need a suitable kitchen, and a farmhouse kitchen provides just that.

There’s an abundance of features that a farmhouse kitchen can provide your home. Here we’re going to explain the key elements that make up this kitchen design, and share a few other complimentary features; so keep reading!

Firstly, a farmhouse kitchen is very comfortable. It’s intended for entertaining, bringing family and friends together, just as cooking always has. Therefore, high ceilings and large islands are very attractive features, both for owners and guests alike. Grand oversized fixtures, in this case oversized brass fixtures, are becoming more popular in this design as well. Brass is coming back, and it offers that classic look while still maintaining a modern pizzazz that’s unrivaled.

Another prominent trend we like to incorporate in our farmhouse designs are bridge faucets and apron sinks. Both are staples to the farmhouse design, and really set it apart from others. Apron sinks are typically extremely spacious and accessible by design. All the more reason for you cooks out there!

We love how white cabinetry compliments a kitchen, particularly in farmhouse design. Something you’ll notice in our work is that we combine complimentary styles, particularly inset cabinets and large subway tiles with some added custom features. Here we’ve used grey grout to offset the glossy white subway tile, which adds a nice tone to the kitchen and really makes the tile pop.

There’s something special to be had in brick floors. They provide a feeling of warmth and comfort in a contemporary farmhouse, not to mention they’re a pleasant surprise. If you’re not partial on using brick in the kitchen, it can also be included in the foyer, mudroom or other rooms as well.

The last element we enjoy including in our houses are crystal knobs. They’re very old world, and mesh well within the farmhouse design. One thing we like to do, even if crystal knobs aren’t featured throughout the entire home, is to add them to powder room doors. It’s a great and convenient way of letting people know where the restroom is; just send them down the hall, and tell them to look for the crystal knob.

We hope you enjoyed this blog on farmhouse kitchen design, and were able to get a few takeaways for you current or future home.

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