High End Finishes to Include in Your Dream Home

High end finishes for your dream home

High-End Finishes to Include in Your Dream Home

As you plan and prepare your dream home, you’ve likely fantasized about high-end finishes to make your new home truly the home of your dreams. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that adding high-end finishes promises to get you top dollar should you ever choose to sell. Your new luxury home should reflect your personality and unique style, and premium quality finishes can do that while delivering comfort, contentment, functionality, and a measure of indulgence. Here are some ideas to help you as you choose the ideal finishes for your dream home.


Hardwood flooring is thought by many to be the pinnacle of premium quality flooring, but there are several trending high-end options which you might want to consider as well. Let’s begin with hardwood flooring. Wood brings warmth to a home, no matter its style. Among the favorites are oak, mahogany, ash, cherry, walnut, bamboo, and rosewood, with the more exotic options being the most expensive. Attention to graining, as well as staining processes, increase the costs involved. White Oak is among the most popular high-end choices for flooring with multitude of staining options and plank sizes. Considered among the most luxurious of hardwood options, reclaimed wood is a favorite as are high-end imitations, i.e. weathered new hardwoods. Wood Inlay tops the premium hardwoods offering a custom design that is hard to beat.

Polished concrete is another popular high flooring finish. Concrete can be finished in virtually any shade and offers the option of a heated floor addition. Today’s composites and laminates are also top choices, designed to look like wood, these manufactured flooring options offer increased durability for the budget savvy homeowner.


When considering high-end countertops, marble and granite usually come immediately to mind, though there are other premium quality options. Marble is well-known and loves as a luxurious natural stone. And while marble is hard, it is porous, which means it needs nearly constant maintenance to avoid staining and etching of the surface. Granite is also a popular natural stone that offers a high-end finish, a bit stronger than marble. Quartzite is an ultra-premium finish for countertops and offers a high level of customization as every slab is unique. Quartz is now among the most selected by home builders, offering a high-end finish that is extremely durable and always consistent in appearance (similar to marble).

While on the subject of countertops, edge detailing enhances premium finishes. A thicker than normal countertop, integrated features, and floating surfaces are among the top choices for homeowners who want to enjoy a luxury look.


 Generally, tile is considered a high-end finish, and the bar is raised based on the installation difficulty of the tile. Subway tile remains a popular choice, with unique sizes offering the promise of premium style. Porcelain tile delivers a high-end look (marble, ceramic, wood) with an affordable budget friendly price while marble tile is considered the standard of luxury that comes with a higher price. Concrete tiles have recently entered the premium category because of their chic modern look.

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