How the Pandemic Changed Home Design

How the pandemic changed home design

The last year or so has been difficult for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we eat most of our meals, shop for groceries and greet others in public. The pandemic has also changed home design, due to the way our daily living has been altered.

We have become more and more reliant on our homes. In fact, the entire way we design and live in our homes has changed. Let’s look at a few of these changes.

Larger Living Spaces

One positive outcome from the pandemic is that it has brought many families closer together. While the home may have been a “stopping point” for many family members in the past, we’re now used to occupying the same space. As such, it makes sense to design homes with bigger living spaces so they have room for the entire family. Features like high ceilings, large doors/windows and room for couches or loveseats are more important than ever. 

Multiple Home Offices

Both children and adults have been stuck at home doing school work and office work, which means space can run out quickly. Home designs now account for multiple office spaces so each family member has a private area to work. This layout will have benefits into the far future as well as it will still let you choose where in the house you want to work.

Upgraded Outdoor Areas

Getting outside is a great cure for cabin fever. But enjoying the outdoors at your home can be difficult if your patio or deck is small and lacking features. One of the most popular custom home requests these days is for an upgraded outdoor area, which gives the family room to exercise and have fun without leaving the home.

Theater Rooms & More

People who enjoy going out to movie theaters, restaurants and other attractions have been forced to find solutions at home. This has led to home design alterations/additions like theater rooms, surround sound systems and more comfortable seating. If it can enhance quality of life at home, it’s becoming more popular.
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