How to Ensure a Great Result When Your Home is Complete

How to ensure a great result when your home is complete

When preparing to build a new luxury home, there are a lot of details to consider, such as whether you should begin with your dream home design or find your ideal lot first. You’ll also need to have your criteria ready when you meet with your architect and contractor. And if you’ve already chosen your desired neighborhood, where is the ideal lot for your home. Once you’ve made this  important early decision, and the building begins in earnest, the question becomes how to ensure a great result when your home is complete. 

Remember to Document

From the start, detailed documentation is important to safeguard your dream and deliver the custom luxury home you want. You’ll want to develop a consistent, recordable line of communication with your architect, contractor, and/or home builder to be certain they are managing your project effectively and are on top of all the details and potential changes of your new home. These recordable conversations, along with your other build-related documents should be held in a secure location and safeguarded throughout the construction.

Keep Up Communication

We’ve already touched on this topic, but there’s much more! Communication between you and your architect, contractor and others completing your build is key to success, as is communication between you and your spouse, partner, or significant other involved in the process. Everyone should be on the same page about what a great result looks like, and if not, have the ability to effectively communicate to arrive at the needed decisions and solutions regarding any issues which may arise. You’ll also need to be available when your contractor needs to discuss your project. Throughout the building project, you should always be able to voice your opinion, get the answers you need, and hold those handling your build accountable. That way you’ll all be on the same page for a great result when your home is complete.

Manage Expectations

In any construction project there is a timeline as well as a budget, and everyone involved strives to adhere to these guidelines. Some complications, however,  cannot be controlled – weather, red tape, breakdowns, mistakes and mishaps, delivery issues and unexpected difficulties, to name a few! Depending on where the issue arises—whether it’s with you, your realtor, your contractor, your lender, your architect, your engineer, your subcontractors, or your home inspector—the responsible party will have to communicate patiently and effectively, and solve potential problems as they come up. Of course, you’d like your dream home to be ready on your dream timeline, but keep in mind, there may be unavoidable circumstances that could impact the final completion date, so set your expectations realistically as your dream home becomes a reality.

At Aspire Fine Homes we strive to keep your project on time and within budget, and the Aspire team will keep you informed and work to resolve any unexpected issues as quickly as possible to get the project back on track with the goal to deliver your luxury dream home exactly as you imagined it would be.

The first step to ensuring a great result when your home is complete? Hiring the right team. Contact us today for a dream custom home consultation.