Make Your Dream Home: The Steps Involved in a Custom Home Build

Make your dream home the steps involved

Dreams. We all have them. Some are big, like becoming a professional athlete or an astronaut. Others are smaller, like getting five minutes of peace in a house with toddlers. Then there are those that are a bit in between, like creating the perfect custom home.

If a custom home build is on your bucket list, it’s helpful to know the steps involved in making your dream a reality. The process can vary from situation to situation and there are other details you have to think about (e.g. purchasing land), etc.

Step #1: Ideas

This can take days, months, even years, but it starts with getting your ideas together about what your dream home looks like. What’s your ideal style? What are must-haves in the floor plan? How many bedrooms? One story or two? Gather a priority list and brainstorm ideas first.

Step #2: Budget

You also have to be financially ready for a custom home. Determine your budget and how much you have to work with. Many people choose to speak with their accountant or bank to determine their budget. You might even want to get pre-qualified for the amount you determine.

Step #3: Location

This very well might be the most important aspect of real estate. Where do you want your home? Identifying what area of town or neighborhood to build in is a multi-faceted task. You have to consider things like commute time, crime rates, nearby conveniences, land availability and more. Do your research and make sure your desired location is within your budget, as some neighborhoods are more expensive than others.

Step #4: Builder

Choosing a custom home builder is the third step, but one of the most important ones. Choose a home builder that has experience building quality homes, recognition (in the form of reviews or awards), customization options that meet your needs and a clear-cut process that makes you and your ideas the priority.

Step #5: Design

Once you decide on a custom home builder, you can start working with them on the design. This step is all about collaboration and involves several sub-steps: exterior design, interior design, efficiency planning and automation. There are also minute details to think about including materials and finishes. When you’ve nailed down every component of your design with your home builder, you’re ready to build. (Assuming you have already purchased land, of course.)

Step #6: Execution

It’s time for construction! The custom home builder will prepare the site for your new home, complete the foundation and framing, install all necessary components, finish the flooring, walls, fixtures and appliances, then paint and complete finishing touches. 

Step #7: Enjoyment

After your home is done, you’ll take a tour and give your final approval. The only thing left to do is close on the house, get your keys and enjoy your fabulous new custom home.

It’s time to make your dream home a reality. Contact Aspire Fine Homes to get started on the custom home building process today.