Our Name Change

Aspire Fine Homes, formerly Whitestone Builders, based in Houston, recently implemented a brand refresh meant to refocus and revitalize the custom home building company.

As part of the rebrand, the company is now doing business as Aspire Fine Homes and has incorporated their new adage: “Your Lifestyle. Elevated.”

The new motto is intended to directly communicate the company’s shift toward focusing on expanding their custom home building business into one that prioritizes the customer experience in meaningful and memorable ways, and one that leaves a greater footprint in Houston’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Rebranding was a big decision as Whitestone was well-known and loved in the Houston Heights community where it was founded 20 years ago and established a reputation for excellence in luxury design and building; as the company set its sights toward expanding to other markets inside and outside of Houston, the time was right to rebrand in order to differentiate from other similarly-named enterprises.

The team packed its dreams and aspirations into the new name Aspire Fine Homes, hoping to convey their own sense of high achievement and excellence in a way that connects well to their clientele’s high standards and dreams.