Realtors: 5 Benefits of Working with a Custom Home Builder

Realtors-5 benefits of working with a custom home builder

If there’s one thing in common among the best realtors in our fine country, it’s that they have an established team of strategic partners. Whether it’s a moving company or insurance broker, these partners can improve the reputation of your brand. One partner you might not have considered yet is a custom home builder

At Aspire Fine Homes, we offer a realtor rewards program that is extremely beneficial for both parties. Let’s go over the benefits that realtors experience working with a custom home builder.

1. Increased Client Base

What realtor isn’t interested in building up his-or-her client base? Custom home builders like Aspire Fine Homes offer open house programs where the realtor hosts the open house for the home builder. Realtors get to expand their client base while the builder gets to show off its latest custom homes. Win-win.

2. Commission on Purchases

When you sell a custom home to one of your clients, you may receive a commission based on the purchase price. At Aspire Fine Homes, for example, we pay our realtor partners three percent of the purchase price for all homes listed on MLS. To qualify, realtors simply must register the client on our website (which also gets you a $5,000 referral fee for each lead that signs a construction contract).

3. Investor Bonuses

While not all Houston-area custom home builders offer this benefit, at Aspire Fine Homes, realtors who bring us an investor for future inventory homes will automatically receive

the listing for that project. This investor program can be extremely beneficial for the long-term health of your business.

4. Improved Credibility

When you work with the right custom home builder, it can improve the credibility of your real estate brand. As mentioned above, the best realtors partner with the right team of people that support them. If your custom home builder has industry recognition, awards and positive testimonials like Aspire Fine Homes, you’ll benefit from it.

5. Better Client Satisfaction

At the end of the day, you want your clients to be happy. You want a positive reputation and the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising are immeasurable. If you exceed your client’s expectations for your next home, it will make you look good and increase the likelihood of them recommending your services to others. 
If you’re a realtor in the Houston area and are interested in discovering more benefits of working with a custom home builder, contact us today.