Collaborative Design Group Architecture and Interiors

Whitestone Builders and the owner, David Gordon, has had a working relationship with Collaborative Design Group Architecture and Interiors for over 6 years.

We have primarily provided him with interior design services for his spec homes and for the majority of his clients for that time period.

We do all of the cabinetry design as well, and have just started to do some of his architectural work too.

David Gordon is one of the most reputable builders that we work with now and cannot recommend him highly enough.

He has assembled a great new team of project managers, and provides a multitude of services to his clients – his most significant is his PCA, Pre-Construction Agreement for new home buyers.

This allows David to help them with lot selection and purchase, design direction and the selection of the right architect and interior designer for the project, and has proven to be a popular offering among his clients.

It is a great way to bring a professional of his caliber into the initial custom home building process, especially for a new buyer.

Whitestone Builders has an exemplary record with our clients as well, David is a man of faith and that shows through in his dealings with our mutual clients.

His projects have garnered him numerous awards, and he is active in the Houston building community and has acted in numerous leadership roles.

Whitestone Builders was named Custom Builder of the Year for 2012 by the Greater Houston Builders Association, their top award in the city.

We have enjoyed working with David over the last six years and hope to work with him well into the future.


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