Norma & Bill N

We asked our architect who he recommended to build a Victorian home with great attention to detail, who was patient and who was very organized and Sam at Creole said Whitestone Builders. Whitestone is very strong on the process.

Dave was always positive and in a good mood. He was very supportive and flexible and really kept us motivated and it was clear that he really wanted us to be happy. He went to the last mile to make things work.

Through the whole process, it is like dealing with a family member; it was not always pleasant but it ended very positive. Going the extra mile is the trademark of Whitestone Builders.

We look forward to showing the house and giving Dave the recognition he deserves. He is ethical and conscientious.

We can’t even count the number of comments we’ve gotten from the people walking by saying ours is the most beautiful house in The Heights. Many neighbors who watched the construction commented they couldn’t wait to see what was coming next. We love our home!

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