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Scott L

I feel like I know Aspire Fine Home’s houses inside and out.

Not only have I toured several of their completed houses, but I’ve also had a chance to view a number of their projects during the construction process.

From what I’ve seen, I know that they build a quality product and that David Gordon is a builder you can trust.

Koni J

Our experience has been an exceptional experience with Whitestone Builders from our very first meeting.

My husband and I were both comfortable, at ease and quickly learned that they are very easy to work with. They will do exactly what they say for the price they quoted.

We have been extremely pleased with the quality, workmanship and the building process. They were always friendly, professional, and responsive.

There were no surprises in the building process.

I would easily and gladly recommend them to anyone looking to build a new custom home.

Their honesty and character made the entire process a very positive experience.

Brett B

I want to personally thank the owner of Whitestone Builders, David Gordon for his professional approach to my project and my family.

During our construction process, we found Whitestone Builders to have a unique ability to balance the needs and desires with our wants and expectations.

By really taking the time to understand the needs of my family, we were able to develop a design that coupled the functionality of a growing family with the class and elegance for entertaining.

Whitestone Builders truly listened to my wife and I describe our needs and was able to create a living experience that will enrich our family and give us a return on investment that we will benefit from for years to come.

Collaborative Design Group Architecture and Interiors

Whitestone Builders and the owner, David Gordon, has had a working relationship with Collaborative Design Group Architecture and Interiors for over 6 years.

We have primarily provided him with interior design services for his spec homes and for the majority of his clients for that time period.

We do all of the cabinetry design as well, and have just started to do some of his architectural work too.

David Gordon is one of the most reputable builders that we work with now and cannot recommend him highly enough.

He has assembled a great new team of project managers, and provides a multitude of services to his clients – his most significant is his PCA, Pre-Construction Agreement for new home buyers.

This allows David to help them with lot selection and purchase, design direction and the selection of the right architect and interior designer for the project, and has proven to be a popular offering among his clients.

It is a great way to bring a professional of his caliber into the initial custom home building process, especially for a new buyer.

Whitestone Builders has an exemplary record with our clients as well, David is a man of faith and that shows through in his dealings with our mutual clients.

His projects have garnered him numerous awards, and he is active in the Houston building community and has acted in numerous leadership roles.

Whitestone Builders was named Custom Builder of the Year for 2012 by the Greater Houston Builders Association, their top award in the city.

We have enjoyed working with David over the last six years and hope to work with him well into the future.


Michele H

My husband and I recently completed the construction of our new home with Whitestone Builders.

We both had built a home in the past but this was our first true, start to finish custom home. Since we had been through the construction process, we interviewed several builders before we even started the design phase.

Whitestone has a unique process for ensuring that they can build the home that you are wanting for the price that fits your budget by meeting with you and the architect throughout the design phase. This helped set our expectations of what we could expect for the amount we were willing to spend.

The project manager on our project was great. He was very knowledgeable, polite and patient even in tense situations when decisions needed to be made quickly or the end result was not what was expected.

The construction process is imperfect, so we were glad that we were dealing with a reputable builder that listened to issues, came up with reasonable resolutions and took corrective actions where necessary.

2Scale Architects

I have worked with Whitestone on several projects, and they build a solid home.

Their superintendents are very on top of things, perhaps as detail-minded as me. That’s very refreshing when I go to a job site and they’ve already addressed issues that other builders would have missed.

We’ve worked through preliminary pricing exercises with Whitestone during design which helps me and my clients understand exactly where we are with regards to the budget so that we can design & build homes that my clients love but can also afford.

If someone is interested in hiring a builder who will take the time to educate their clients and keep level expectations, I encourage them to consider Whitestone Builders.

Aaron S

I had long admired Whitestone’s work, and I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to hire them to build my family’s new home.

Their superior quality of craftsmanship is obvious, but it’s their honesty that sets them apart.

The homebuilding process is stressful and can, at times, be overwhelming. However, I was always kept in the loop (there were no surprises), I was able to rely on the Whitestone team to navigate the few obstacles that arose, and the end result was beautiful!

Boyer Custom Homes, Inc

Whitestone Builders is a trustworthy and talented custom builder.

I have regular interactions with many fellow builders and there is no company I would recommend more in the Houston, TX area to build a custom home.

I’ve known David Gordon for years, have gone behind the curtain in his building business, and I am amazed at what I see. Whitestone Builders is truly dedicated and committed to their customers, process, and perfection of their craft.

Ramage Company

I love the vision and design Whitestone puts into each of their homes.

They are geared towards customer service and attention to detail. They do their job with integrity and pride. I highly recommend Whitestone Builders if you are in the market for a high-quality home builder.

Alan G

Dave Gordon and his team are among the best that I have had the opportunity to work with.

Their commitment to quality and professionalism are unparalleled. I truly enjoyed working with your company and the experience that I had. Well Done!!

Winsome Construction

David Gordon and his team at Whitestone Builders are amazing!

They have amazing attention to detail and a wonderful eye for great architecture.

Entablature, LLC

I have had the opportunity to get to know David professionally for a couple of years.

He is an outstanding builder with a great attention to design. I highly recommend Whitestone Builders.

Supple Homes, Inc

David and his team are committed to building homes efficiently with specific attention to the character and details of a home.

I’ve known David for several years professionally; he is an outstanding builder, who is striving to be the best in Houston. I highly recommend Whitestone Builders for your next home.

Jose O

Superior craftsmanship, timeless architecture, and exquisite finishes. For luxury master builds, Whitestone Builders has the perfect home to fit your lifestyle in Houston’s finest neighborhoods.

David T

I know David professionally and appreciate how hard he works on his business in an effort to provide an excellent client experience. I would recommend spending some time with David if your looking to build in the Houston area.

Dave S

David Gordon and the Whitestone Builders team are true professionals.

The entire team is completely focused on producing an incredible custom home experience. They truly care about the quality of the homes they build and the experience their clients have while they build their custom home.

I would not hesitate to recommend Whitestone Builders to anyone looking for exceptional customer service and a luxury custom home.

Wendy S

David and his team are amazing! Considering a fine home, these are your guys!!

Sean S

Whitestone Builders provides excellent quality, design and personal service throughout the home building process! Look no further when considering building your dream home!

Chris K

Whitestone is an exceptional builder.

David Gordon and his team place tremendous value on their client relationships and it shows in how his past clients react when they see David. They are so grateful for the home that Whitestone built. Whitestone excels in construction quality and integrity.

David R

I love the vision and design Whitestone puts into each of their homes.

They are geared towards customer service and attention to detail. They do their job with integrity and pride. I highly recommend Whitestone Builders if you are in the market for a high-quality home builder.

Gregory B

Whitestone Builders is a trustworthy and talented custom builder.

I have regular interactions with a lot of fellow builders and there is no company I would recommend more in the Houston, TX area to build a custom home. I’ve known David Gordon for years, have gone behind the curtain in their building business, and am amazed at what I see. Whitestone Builders is truly dedicated and committed to their customers, process, and perfection of their craft.

David L

I know David and team to be focused and dedicated professionals.

I loved the efficiencies and enthusiasm he brought to his custom home business from the first time I toured several of his homes with him. I now have the pleasure to call David and his beautiful family friends and would not hesitate to recommend Whitestone Builders to anyone.

Richard S

David Gordon and Whitestone Builders reflect the true meaning of integrity.

I was totally impressed with Dave’s eye for design and how he carries this vision to reality. Whitestone Builders are always improving their processes and product and it is evident in their relationships with clients and their team of sub-contractors.

I strongly recommend Whitestone Builders to those looking for a Custom Home in the Houston area.

Kenneth & Emily C

I knew when I first saw this house it was just what I wanted. I came back and spoke to the workers so I could answer all my husband’s questions and after 4 open house weekends, I invited him to see the house and he was sold. Whitestone’s decorator did a wonderful job – everyone says how beautiful it is.

We used Gordon Fox, who we heard was the best pier and beam inspector in Houston, to be our inspector and he said our home was one of the best built houses he had inspected. Rarely does an inspector heap praise on a builder the way Gordon Fox praised Whitestone Builders!

We have no qualms in recommending and referring Whitestone Builders and have already done so.

Brett B

I need for you to know that after week one, I am pleased. The contractors need to be praised; I worked with these guys this afternoon and they were very conscientious and hard working. Mike has kept the schedule or possibly advanced it. He is a great addition to the Whitestone Brotherhood. I appreciate your professionalism very much.

Meghan & Asher K

Time and time again, Whitestone provided us with exceptional customer service. Dave was very personable and always reassuring so I felt very comfortable after each encounter. What impressed me even more was that if he didn’t know the answer to something, he was honest about it and said so, but then he would go find out.

David R

My house is completely different from homes Whitestone had done before, but they took on the challenge and passed with flying colors. Dave did everything he said he would do – he helped me source materials and when I wanted the best, but needed to work within my budget, he would help me.

There will always be snags with any builder but the difference is how the builder reacts. Whitestone has a good process and was great at fixing whatever came up -without question. Through it all, Dave and I became pretty good friends, which is a rarity with home builders, and I totally recommend Whitestone Builders. I would definitely do another house with them again; in fact, we have already been talking about it.

Norma & Bill N

We asked our architect who he recommended to build a Victorian home with great attention to detail, who was patient and who was very organized and Sam at Creole said Whitestone Builders. Whitestone is very strong on the process.

Dave was always positive and in a good mood. He was very supportive and flexible and really kept us motivated and it was clear that he really wanted us to be happy. He went to the last mile to make things work.

Through the whole process, it is like dealing with a family member; it was not always pleasant but it ended very positive. Going the extra mile is the trademark of Whitestone Builders.

We look forward to showing the house and giving Dave the recognition he deserves. He is ethical and conscientious.

We can’t even count the number of comments we’ve gotten from the people walking by saying ours is the most beautiful house in The Heights. Many neighbors who watched the construction commented they couldn’t wait to see what was coming next. We love our home!

Mickey B

I have worked with Whitestone Builders for over 7 years and have seen that their attention to detail, their trim work, and the character of their homes is beyond the normal in Houston and surrounding areas. I believe when a client owns a Whitestone home they are getting a home that is timeless and will increase in value with age.

Dave Gordon, the owner of Whitestone, sits down with each and every homeowner and explains the building process in depth so there is a clear understanding of what the team members bring to the table. Everyone on the team is part of a well-developed process that makes the home building venture go more smoothly – without the unexpected difficulties that are usual in this endeavor.

Steven & Laura G

Our experience with Whitestone was incredible. They worked with us closely and made sure our concerns were addressed and our vision was realized. We are so glad to have worked with Dave and his crew. Our house is beautiful and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Elbert J

We love our new Whitestone house in The Heights. Nothing else on the market could compare, so our buying decision was easy. The antique doors, classic design, and trim details fool some visitors into thinking it’s an old restored home. We will continue to recommend Whitestone Builders to our friends.

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