The Cost of Building a Custom Home in Houston

The cost of building a custom home in Houston

Home costs are a tricky subject, which only gets trickier when you start talking about custom homes. After all, home building costs can vary depending on the style and size of home, the type of home builder and more. If you’ve ever wondered how much it costs to build a custom home in Houston today, this post is for you. 

Let’s discuss why costs vary on home type, what price ranges you can expect for each category and the factors that impact the cost of building a custom home in Houston.

The Cost to Build a Home: Categories

Different types of homes have different costs, which are often dictated by the category the home build falls into. Here are the four main categories of home builds, along with price ranges you can expect to see for each in Houston.

  • Production ($100-150 per square foot): This is the traditional category of home and is designed with affordability in mind. Production builders produce many of these homes each year with minimal design options in order to keep costs down. They also tend to use the most cost-effective materials, which can be low quality. A realistic price range for a 3,500-square foot production home in Houston is $200-250,000.
  • Custom ($150-200 per square foot): A basic custom home gives you much more freedom with the design of the home while allowing you to keep the price level relatively low. The architect, builder and interior designer you use will impact the cost, as will your design choices. A realistic price range for a 3,500-square foot custom home in Houston is $525-750,000.
  • Custom Plus ($200-250 per square foot): A higher-end version of a custom home, this category of home provides some of the finer luxury features and high-quality materials you’ll find with an ultra-luxury home, but with the price of a custom home. While you may not get the value you’re seeking with a custom home, you can trust that you will with a custom-plus home. Quality and value are the most important factors here. (Aspire Fine Homes falls in this category.) A realistic price range for a 3,500-square foot custom-plus home in Houston is $800,000 to $1.5 million.
  • Ultra Luxury ($250+ per square foot): The best of the best when it comes to design, finishes and size of the home. Ultra-luxury homes are designed to fit specific tastes and are ideal for people who have no concerns over budget. They have the most lavish amenities and are in the finest neighborhoods. A realistic price for a 3,500-square foot ultra-luxury home in Houston is $1.75 million or more.

Factors That Impact Custom Home Costs

Now let’s dive a little deeper into what factors impact the above categories. For starters, the quality of materials will usually go up when you move from production to custom and from custom plus to ultra luxury. Finishes are another element that can boost the luxurious appeal of a home and boost the cost. A Houston home builder’s experience and how much the customer is able to customize the floor plan is a factor, and better locations also tend to increase the price. All told, there are a wide variety of factors that impact the cost of a custom home in Houston. If you’re interested in a more specific number, it’s advised to sit down with a home builder in the category you prefer.
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