Transitional Design: Living Rooms & Kitchens

Transitional Design Living Rooms and Kitchens

Transitional home design is growing in popularity for custom luxury homes.

This simplistic, yet refined, style provides the class that many desire for their custom luxury home. We will focus on some of the main elements of transitional design in the living room and kitchen and hope this inspires you!

Transitional Living Rooms

Transitional living rooms have distinct elements that set them apart from others, all which begin with clean lines and simple mouldings. Another feature of a perfect transitional living room would be the use of Ledge Stone or Stack Stone.

You’ll typically see these in contemporary homes, but it is possible to blend them into a more traditional style to achieve the transitional living room of your dreams. The elongated fireplace and marble mantle are complementary touches as well.

One of the final ways to make up a transitional living room is through the use of a neutral palette. Couches should be of neutral color, but accent pillows and pieces really bring the place to life and compliment the overall tone.

Transitional Kitchens

Much like transitional living rooms, transitional kitchens require clean lines, simple mouldings, and natural materials.

Marble, granite, and even limestone all work exceptionally well in transitional kitchens. In the kitchen shown above, we’ve combined limestone and marble countertops, which complement each other and create a custom transitional feel.

Another great way to achieve a transitional kitchen is through the use of tile and clean cabinet lines. In this case, we’ve incorporated elongated subway tile that extends to the ceiling, and inset cabinets which provide a very simple, but elegant look.

One of the last elements that really make up a transitional design is the use of a traditional embellishment. We have a custom range hood in the middle of all this clean line design, which incorporates a piece of traditional into a contemporary look.

As you’ve seen here, transitional design is a mix of traditional and contemporary design. It allows for a classic, yet timeless approach to your distinctive home through the use of simpler trim details, with cleaner lines and cabinetry.

Contemporary is more up and coming; transitional is just easier for people to commit to.

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