What is a Smart House?

What is a smart home

A smart house is a home that’s equipped with lighting, thermostat, and other electronic devices that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or computer.

Think about your home as a smartphone, with apps that allow you to improve and optimize the overall “user” experience.

Our current housing is designed much like the outdated flip phones of the early-mid 2000’s. Sure they allowed us to call, text, and receive voicemails, but can you imagine if cell phone technology ceased to advance from there? The world would be a much different place, and that’s how impactful home automation can be in improving your life.

The Future of Smart Home Automation

Imagine you’re arriving home, and because you have your smartphone with you, your garage door senses you approaching and automatically opens. And what about the entryway from your garage to your home?

Well, your smartphone-controlled door locks will sense your arrival and will unlock your door automatically. You walk in the house, and your home knows it’s you. It’s going to adjust the temperature, lighting, and even music to your preferred settings, and ultimately set the tone for your evening, the way you want it. This is how your home will start working for you, by making life more convenient. With a little bit of help, connectivity, and the ability to set things up, these advances will happen.

As of now, the easiest way to make your house smart is to upgrade these select few items.

Alarm System

You can actually get an alarm system that works directly with alarm.com and control your security system remotely.


Whether you’re on vacation, or on your way home from work, upgrading to a wireless thermostat will allow you to remotely adjust the temperature of your smart house.


There are many products available now that allow you to control lighting with your smartphone, tablet, or computer either from home or while you’re away.

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