What is a Transitional Home

What is a transitional home

The transitional style is a combination of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics equating to a classic, timeless design.

Furniture lines are simple and clean yet sophisticated, featuring either straight lines or rounded profiles.

Fabric is as diverse as graphic patterns on overstuffed sofas and textured chenilles on sleek wood frames.

A transitional home would also have a more neutral paint and color scheme, simpler drapery and window coverings, with none of the heavy valances or swags of the past.

It utilizes warmer wood tones, even adding grey tone stain indoors, furniture and flooring.

Simpler trim details with cleaner, rounded lines and cabinetry, without having any embossed moldings or molded doors. Contemporary is more up and coming.

Transition is just easier for people to commit to. People are seeking to add contemporary elements to their conventionally decorated homes.

What about transitional bars?

Well, transitional bars are really trending right now. The millennial market seems to be driving that. They want to entertain in their home, they wanna bring their friends over, so bars are becoming a very popular thing to add to the house.

Bathrooms can also have a transitional design.

Well, what exactly makes a transitional bathroom? What are the elements that make it come alive? Transitional bathrooms are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

Sometimes a homeowner says “I really want traditional architecture, but I want my bath a little bit more spa-like”. Those are the magic words that usually convey that the homeowner wants a transitional bath. Homeowners enjoy the cleaner lines, less carving, and very soothing, cream and white marbles that are becoming really popular on the countertops.

Here at Aspire Fine Homes, we’re finding wood floors are becoming popular in bathrooms. The freestanding tub has become the focal point of most transitional bathrooms. Lighting has become very important, such as pendant lights with a little bit of a bling of crystal.

Because transitional bathrooms provide a really clean pallet, they allow homeowners to showcase a little bit more traditional style light of a chandelier or sconce.

To sum it up, a transitional home evokes serenity. If you’re a fan of transitional home design, then watch our other videos showcasing home design from industry experts.