Why Location is So Important for Your Dream Home

Why location is so important

Location is among the top qualities most home buyers choose when selecting their dream home. That is one of the reasons Aspire Fine Homes features a specialist on staff who is continually on a mission to find prime locations before they ever come on the market! When choosing the location for your dream home build, here are the location-specific factors you want to keep in mind to ensure you get the home of your dreams as well as a sound, long-term investment. Remember – a great location is a desirable one, desirability results in increased demand, and demand means enhanced value for your property.

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Safety and Potential

Is the area of the property a safe location? Often home sites pop up on the market in unique locations. While some are truly in up-and-coming areas, others may not be, and ensuring the safety of your family and the future value of your property is important. Don’t simply look at the site where your home might be built, but also at the parks, schools, shopping areas, restaurants, and other businesses in the area to gauge the safety as well as if the area is really “up and coming.” Whether the neighborhood is currently labeled “good” or “bad” isn’t really relevant; it’s more about whether or not the area has potential for the future.  

Schools and Colleges

Whether or not you are a parent at the moment, investing in a location in a great school system is important for the future value of your home. Though you are building your dream home today, your dream could change in the future and an exceptional school district can help you sell your home, should you choose to do so.  

Ease of Transportation

When choosing your location, access and ease of transportation options is important, especially for your daily commute. Whether you drive a car, use public transportation, bike, or even walk, taking your preferred mode of travel into consideration is important. Transportation options also factor into trips to the grocery store, restaurants, entertainment, sports, and more. Prime locations are often those close to major highways, public transportation, or within walking distance. Transportation from your dream home might not be easy without the right location.

Amenities and Entertainment

Going hand in hand with transportation access is the proximity of amenities and entertainment to your location. Grocery stores, shopping, restaurants and entertainment venues are indicators of a prime location and, in most cases, mean enhanced property values. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean all the amenities will be in place when you build but choosing a location where they are in the community’s future plans is key.

And now you know, location is important to your dream home and even if you plan on staying for a lifetime, you should always choose your location and build your dream home as if you might one day in the future choose to sell.

If you have your dream home in mind and need help selecting a location, contact us today for a consultation.